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Change It Up: Skip The Bread

Sometimes getting healthy and fit is a daunting task. It just seems like there’s too much to change all at once and that the idea of a healthy lifestyle is way off. That’s exactly why I give you simple suggestions that can make huge differences in your regimen if applied over time!

Today, I’m asking you to skip the bread!

Yep, I can already hear all of the responses to this tip! Many of you are going to tell me that you just can’t stop eating bread, that’s it’s impossible to have a meal without including it. To all of you I say – I hear you! But if you’re looking to lose a few pounds, bread is not your friend.

Surely you’ve heard ‘Don’t be upset with the results you didn’t get with the work you didn’t do!’ You can’t complain that you’re not losing weight, or lose their love handles or the flab on your arms without making some changes.

Some bread will argue that bread has some health benefits, but that’s just a sales pitch – bread is junk food just like donuts and bagels. For the most part the only vitamins or minerals found in bread are ADDED in, just like they add them in to your favorite sugary breakfast cereal. They use a fancy word to make is sound good – “enriched’.

You probably think the whole wheat variety is better right? Nope. \ No matter how you slice it (pun intended), bread is a processed food that is the dietary culprit in many trainees diet failures. Forget the fact that it’s minimally nutritious, it also packs a ton of calories – just 2 slices of bread can be up to 300 calories and loaded with carbohydrates and sugars. And remember that’s before you put anything between the slices.

I’ll tell you this – people who drop bread from their diet have more stable energy levels and tend to lose weight quickly, just as if they dropped any simple, empty calorie foods from their diet.

I won’t leave you just dangling out there without any alternatives though. You can make any sandwich you want using various lettuce leaves or cabbage leaves as a wrap. It works great and is super crunchy. Another option I really like is slicing eggplant and using it as the bread. Just a few weeks ago I had a burger, with sugar free relish and a little no sugar tomato sauce between two eggplant slices. It was delicious! You could also try portabello mushroom caps. Grill them with olive oil, season and add your favorite meat.

What’s also nice is that most restaurants offer a lettuce wrap or protein style version of most foods that are served on bread, including tacos. Check the menu next time you order out.

Here’s a challenge? Try not eating bread for one week and let me know how you feel. I bet you’ll be surprised! Who’s up for it…?

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